Designing an Email

Launching your website to promote your products and services is one thing. However, making a success out on your online business is a different thing. You might have employed the best designer for your website and have used the services of the best local search engine optimisation agency to fine tune the keywords and key phrases of your site. Despite this, you will have to wait for ages before you notice an increase in the number of footfalls on your online shop. If this is not enough, you have to hire the services of the SEO agency on a long term basis to change the description of your website each time you add new products to it, and then wait for the spider of search engines to crawl through it and index the updated pages. Does this mean that you have no options left apart for waiting for a long period for your customers to realize that you have added new stuff to your website and purchase it? This might not work out as planned, as they might have purchased the latest gadgets from a different online store. Your sole option is to inform your clients about updates to your website as soon as you do it. Email Marketing is the best solution for you.

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More details about email marketing

You need to change the coding of your website so that it allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. If necessary, give them a special reward for signing up to your newsletter. You also need to purchase special software that separately indexes the individuals who have subscribed to your newsletter. Initially, the software segregates this data based on age and gender. However, good quality programs have the ability to detect a pattern, based on purchases made by individuals on your mailing list. It then automatically sends them newsletters to their registered email identity the moment you update your site with any stuff that is of interest to them. Suppose you add a brand new perfume for females, manufactured by a particular company. The software will first check if females in your mailing list have purchased perfumes from that company. If they have, the program will automatically send them emails containing a pictures and a brief description of the product along with a link that redirects their browser to the page on your website containing that perfume.

Do not worry about search engines

Once you have developed a huge list of clients and their email addresses, you no longer need to depend on search engines to promote your services and products, as you can directly reach your prospective clients through emails. Since individuals check their emails at least once a day, you can rest assured that they will notice your mail too. As it contains descriptions of products that they have purchased before, they will surely click on the link to check out the product, and most likely, purchase it too. The software should also feature an option to promote your products through your Facebook page whenever your client clicks on the Facebook icon on your newsletter.