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One concept behind all websites remains true: they should be your hardest working employee. You want a captivating design paired with conversions on autopilot, giving you the freedom to level-up your business. Multi-page sites are no longer required to make this possible—a single, tiny 1-page website that has a massive impact on our goals can deliver the same results in half the time and at a fraction of the investment.

1-page websites deliver captivating experiences that drive 37.5% more conversions than multi-page sites. They remove clutter and focus visitor attention on the most essential content. Easily manageable and simple to maintain, you can give your visitors the friendliest, most immersive and branded experience from desktop to mobile they’ve ever had with a 1-page website.

Ed’s attention to details is profound. His professionalism made this experience a fun one. I’m actually a little sad that it’s ending. Communication was superb, and updates on the home base was helpful. Within a month or two, my company now has an identity that will be timeless and stretch us far beyond where we are now. Also, the website and our business collateral has been updated to support our new brand and identity. I, without hesitation, recommend Ed for any company’s branding needs. He know’s his craft and can really help set any company apart from the rest.
“Inside, I feel like a volcano. This process has been so placid and amiable—that I did not expect to have such amazing work to be delivered. When I tell you that I was driving while watching the video, and had to pull over to contend with the joy I felt from your work. I'm flabbergasted. I am unable to really put things into words in an eloquent way, right now.

Complete control over changes

Never call on the designer for the small stuff again. Easily manage your site for on-the-fly changes after the project is finished. Need to change something? Want to update the colors? Do it all on your own with ease.

Super mobile-friendly

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly-designed mobile site. Get every last recommendation that's available with a design that neatly and perfectly fits across all devices—large and small.

Incredible immersive experiences

Selling is about storytelling, not shouting. And 1-page websites give you the power to bring visitors into your world and take them on a journey where their sweet ending is made possible through your product or service.

Landing pages
Product page (Facebook Ads, Instagram 'Swipe Up', YouTube CTA)
Service page
Entrepreneurs & small businesses with limited content
Restaurants & Bakeries
Personal trainers & fitness experts
Events & launches
Musicians & artists
Personal brands

Incredible immersive experiences


1-Page Website
$1250 (sale price)
$1975 after launch
Full 1-page website
2.5 Week Turnaround
15-Minute Consultation (discuss conversion objectives, get your story, etc)
Tools covered with purchase

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What platform do you use to build the site?
We build sites using Wordpress.

Do you use a theme?
Yes. Themes allow faster turnaround times. We build sites with the Astra theme.

Do you design the sites or just change theme options?
We just use the theme. We design your site based on your business goals, brand story, and the journey you want customers to experience. This approach produces a unique design and experience for every site templates cannot offer.

Will I be able to update my site as I please?
Absolutely! We'll turn over the keys and give you full admin control.

What if my site requires scheduling and booking appointments?
We suggest Acuity Scheduling for all your booking needs. We'll be able to embed your booking schedule on site.

I have eCommerce needs. Can this accommodate that?
Absolutely! Woocommerce is the premier eCommerce solution for the WordPress platform. If you have a product or service, we'll be able to feature those products on site.

I have several products and/or services. Will a 1-page site still work for me?
Let's find out. Contact me on Messenger or Email.

Is there a refund available?
Yes! You will have five days after purchase to request a full refund. After five days, we will charge a $250 cancellation fee. We will refund the difference.

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Design the Wireframes
We'll develop a 'skeleton' of how your page will function and be optimized to meet your goals. You won't see much here—just the barebones.

Style the Wireframes
After approving the skeletal wireframes, we'll apply the design. This is where the magic happens. You'll see your website come to life in mockups.

Approve the Design
We'll explain all design decisions and get your approval.

Build the Site
After approval, we'll begin building in WordPress.

Test and Launch
Once built, we'll test for functionality across all devices. If there's eCommerce, we will also test payment gateways. Once everything is working—it's launch time!


1-Page Website
$1250 (sale price)
$1975 after launch
Full 1-page website
2.5 Week Turnaround
15-Minute Consultation (discuss conversion objectives, get your story, etc)
Tools covered with purchase

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