Natalie’s Cakes & More

This was the first brand identity and logo project we had ever done—and we couldn’t have been more thankful. A single mother with a dream of opening a shop, Natalie invested her life savings into opening her cakery in Ferguson, MO. Months later, the Ferguson Riots came to her front door causing thousands of dollars in damage and just days before the Thanksgiving holiday. Fortunately for Natalie, God and America were on her side as a 6-figure GoFundMe campaign and hundreds of orders restored what was lost. But we saw a different need: she needed a cohesive identity. With the spotlight on her, America was looking and we knew we needed to give them something to look at. As our gift to Natalie DuBose, we built her a brand new identity pro bono. She loved it so much that she came back and paid for branding and marketing collateral.

The Challenge

There was a small window of time to complete the project: 24 hours. From concept to finish, we wanted to get her a complete identity system built and presented.

The Outcome

9 hours and dozens of other designer submissions later, Natalie had personally contacted us. “You nailed it. It feels like me,” was the icing on the cake (no puns intended—sort of.)

Brainstorming, Sketching, & Exploring

These were a few of the original pieces of collateral we found. It wasn’t much, but it gave us everything we needed to start the project. We noticed the emphasis on the name Natalie with Cakes and More ranking lower in the existing logo hierarchy. We decided to carry that over into the logo we would design.

Of course we had our name, Natalie’s Cakes and More, but we had nothing that made us recognizable visually. [The] logo [Geeky Dreamer] gave us an identity at a trying time, and the design increased our awareness nationwide.


Tying It Altogether

Light, welcoming, and sweet were the direction we had taken. We wanted the immediate read to feel confectionary, too. We also knew that we just couldn’t stop at the logo and had to build out an entire identity system to give the business more flexibility.

Suddenly our storefront went from a blank canvas to having an identifiable name. It was an attractive design that’s crisp and beautiful—just like the cakes we serve every day. Aside from our cakery, the bakery as a whole has an identity. Our staff wear shirts that identify us and the cakes we ship and sell now have professional labels. We are now able to develop a recognizable brand.


Scope of Work


Baseline Evaluation


Logo Design
Brand Identity and Assets
Branding & Marketing Collateral
Brand Guidelines


Other Case Studies

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