Build the Brand| Part II: Creating Your Vision Statement

I promise you didn’t miss a week. Last week I said I’d get into creating your mission statement today, but I wanted to make sure I set you up the right in building your brand. So today we’re going to cover how to create your vision statement and I’ll just jump right on in.

What is a vision statement?

You can’t build an empire without a blueprint, so your vision statement is going to serve as your blueprint. It’ll be the picture of what your organization wants to be in three, five, or ten years. You can even develop one for the next six to twelve months. Having one, no matter the term, sets you up to know where you’re going.

Imagine using Google Maps and it never gave you the address to your destination. You’re aimlessly driving and hoping you get there on luck. Success is very deliberate and intentional. Your vision statement allows you to plug in an address for your organization to set you up with where you need to go.

The benefits of creating a vision

  • Having a vision keeps you on the straight-and-narrow and helps you avoid shiny object syndrome. You’ll know exactly where you need to go and be able to avoid getting distracted by what other organizations in your industry are doing. It keeps you authentic to who you and your organization are.
  • A vision keeps your and your team setting the right goals. You won’t have yourself and everyone else picking a direction they feel is best for the organization. You’re the leader. Step up and set that direction. Having this in place allows your team to set goals to advance your organization. A row boating team works best when everyone is paddling in the same direction. Not when the leader is trying to move forward, the second team member is rowing with a single oar, and the third member trying to attach a motor to the back.
  • Vision makes your work purposeful. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wasting time. It’s one of the most meaningful elements to the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Your vision will make your work purposeful and intentional. It’ll also mobilize your team to action and help you decide what to do and what not to do in your daily routine.

Are you on board now with creating your vision statement? If you’re absolutely serious about your business I hope so!

The composition of a good vision statement

Your statement is going to describe the dream you have for your organization, so set no limits when initially exploring yours. You may even discover possibilities and opportunities that may not have come across your mind before. You’ll want to spend a few days thinking on your statement, then edit it down into something that’s realistic and achievable. Just don’t edit out your passion or your Why. Those are going to get you motivated and excited about accomplishing your vision.

A good vision statement

  • Identities direction and purpose
  • Sets standards of excellence that reflect high ideals and a sense of integrity
  • Is persuasive and credible
  • Inspires enthusiasm and encourages commitment
  • Is well articulated and easily understood
  • Is ambitious and calls for a shared commitment
  • Challenges and inspires people to align their energies in a common direction
  • Fits with the business’ unique culture and values
  • Results in efficiency and productivity
  • Reflects your company’s unique strengths

Questions to consider when creating your vision statement

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are your financial goals for your practice?
  • What will you or your firm be known for?
  • What services will you provide your clients?
  • What will your role be in the practice?
  • Where do you practice?
  • When will you need more space, different systems, more staff, more attorneys?
  • Why are you practicing law?
  • Why will your clients hire you rather than your competition?
  • What will the culture of your practice be?
  • What are your beliefs and values and how will they affect your practice?

Using your Why to help craft your vision statement

If you’ve already got your Why, it’ll make it somewhat easier to come up with your mission statement. Using your Why and the questions above, you should be able to come up with one in no time.

Let’s use my Why from last week for example:

I believe in the power of dreams. We all have one. Some of us trade them in, but a select few relentlessly pursue their dreams and passions and never give up. My services are for the ones who didn’t trade theirs in and are looking to make their dreams become a reality; to take the vision in their head and make it absolutely tangible with a memorable, fun, and collaborative experience through brand identity design.

Looking at my Why, I now have to create something that would allow me to do this effectively and allow me to grow my business in this direction.

Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC will be the exclusive, premium design agency for entrepreneurs and nonprofits. We will turn dreams into visual reality, and position our clients to have the tools to compete, not only against other small businesses but bigger businesses as well. We will provide a full package of services to position our clients for this, ranging from brand identity design, to marketing, to copywriting, and web design. Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC will be a remote team of brand identity designers, brand managers, marketers, copywriters, and photographers that collaboratively work hand-in-hand with not only each other, but provide the most incredible collaborative experience with our clientele. Our clientele will hire us and tell others to hire us because of our thorough client experience model that positions us as partners instead of a design agency.

The culture of Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC will thrive on hiring the right people and making sure they are a cultural fit, that they uphold the values of Creating an Experience Above All Else, Being Responsible, Under Promising and Over Delivering, Being Adventurous and Embracing Their Geek.

The value for our clients working with Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC is a valuable brand and identity that our clients will be able to use for 5+ years. The investment made in our services will be returned to our clients in a comprehensive, thoroughly built system with the benefits of having access to our exclusive client newsletter, free on-going support and advice, and Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC services at a client-only rate. Clients of Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, LLC will also get access to our e-books and courses at a client-only rate.

And ever since I created this statement, I’ve been actively working towards it.

  • I sent out my first client value newsletter last month with first-access to new services that will be rolling out in several months with client-only rates.
  • I’ve been actively streamlining and strategizing around client services and experience. I wanted to add more value to my clients and include brand strategy in my services which resulted in an investment into The Skool’s CORE Strategy Workshop.

Your vision statement will allow you to break things down into actionable steps to start accomplishing it. Without it, how else do you expect your organization to grow?


My vision statement excites me. I get out of bed knowing exactly what I need to accomplish in the 24 hours God has given me. A strong vision for your organization will create an energy and drive that move you and your organization forward. It’ll be infectious, stimulating, and attractive to others.

Can you cast the vision and make it clear? Can you set the course for your organization? Can you step up, be the leader and entrepreneur I know you can be and start working on your statement?

Reading this is the first step. As soon as you click out of here, grab a piece of paper and a pen and scribble down your ideas. Then collect them into sentences. Build on it. Then come back and let me know what you came up with.

Highlights, Takeaways, & Quick Wins

  • Be specific. Remember: Success is deliberate and intentional. Don’t try to do “all of the things.” Your vision should be clear.
  • Your vision is not a strategic plan. You strategize, build goals and objectives in a separate plan on how to get to your vision, but your vision is just that: the dream that’s in your head on paper.
  • Set a deadline. You can write this until Jesus himself comes back and end up editing the soul of your vision right out if you get too microscopic with your focus. Give yourself a decent amount of time to craft your statement, but get it done in that amount of time and move on. Your vision will  change as you get closer to it or achieve it. No need to be perfect here.
  • Be ambitious, but not too ambitious. This is going to sound crazy to those who know me, but make sure you can actually achieve your vision. Can you live up to it? Can your organization live up to it? Your future or current employees? Can you operate on those levels? Is this in line with the brand you’re shaping?
  • Creating a vision statement won’t fast-track your success. It just means you’re serious about what you’re doing and have a direction to go in. Take it a day at a time. Rome had a vision too and you see how long it took to build it.
  • Collaborate with your team. If you have an established team, include them in this process. Ask them how they feel about the vision. Get their opinions and see if they feel they can measure themselves and their work against it.

You can reach out for more help on creating your vision in the comments below or email me at Next week we’ll jump back into developing your mission statement.

Godspeed on your week!


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