Let’s Talk About This Branding Thing

There are so many misconceptions about branding. And I really don’t like the fact that they’ve influenced so many people. Including me. I’ve had to relearn just about every doggone thing I thought I knew about branding to fix it. One of the most common misunderstandings of the term is when people say they need a “brand” or need “branding.” These people are often referring to their logo, website, business cards, or some other thing they can put their logo and colors on. Your logo, website, and business cards are important parts of your brand, but they’re also an extremely …

Why Doing It All Is Keeping Your Business From Growing

We run ourselves through the ringer as entrepreneurs. All of that hustle and grind can really start feeling like extra weight. We’ve gotta respond to emails. We’ve got meetings to schedule and run. There’s proposals to submit and approve; inventory to restock; refunds to issue; and batches of invoices to send out. It’s a marathon, but I need you to chill for the next 5-8 minutes and catch your breathe, because you’re killing yourself and your business trying to do all of the things. You can’t do it all. I know you want to. It’s tempting to want to handle …

The Customer Experience: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Patti Labelle’s Sweet Potato Pie

As entrepreneurs, we strive to make the best product, the best service, and distance ourselves from our competition with unique benefits and features. But there’s a major shift happening in the arena of marketing, and it’s called Customer Experience Marketing.

It’s all about putting the customer at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Instead of trying to sell your customers on features and benefits, shift your mindset to create the focus on them. We are no longer in the age of features and benefits. Customers expect more and customers want more, and that’s exactly what we got with the recent phenomenon that is Patti Labelle’s sweet potato pie and the video testimonial that set their sales on fire.

6 Compelling Reasons Why You Must Have a Brand Identity

I’m an entrepreneur or nonprofit. Why would I even need a brand identity? Isn’t that something for the bigger corporations and businesses to worry about? Short answer: NO. You are in the best position to create a strong, cohesive brand identity so you can avoid muddy communications and get focused on what your business is all about to attract the right customers and get into the right markets. It isn’t always about fonts, colors, and logos.