Taheerah, LLC


We started this project on a mission to elevate your existing logo and website by arranging the information better, improving the flow and user experience of your website, and giving your logo more flexibility and curb appeal. Below is the work produced in detail.

New Logo

This was a matter of combining several elements from your visual board. I wanted to give your name emphasis while also including what you did so potential clients, partners, etc. automatically understood your career/profession. I then condensed 3 hearts down to 1 with a ligature symbolizing that love was your signature.

New Color Palette

This palette was chosen based on the adjectives used to describe your brand: fresh, vibrant, energizing, robust, and magical.


New Favicon

This will appear in the icon space in web browsers and mobile devices.

New Site Design + Pages

New Home Page

Your new home page brings a lot of the information you had hidden forward and can now pass the 5-second stress test. The test is designed to for someone to know and understand what you’re about after 5 seconds of being on your site. Before, you had a great cover image with a nice tagline, but once you clicked Enter you were unsure what the site was about.

I’ve removed the cover image and being taken to the blog altogether. You now have a home page that not only tells visitors what you do, but gives them something to do—a very important element when trying to book clients and make money.

  • Tagline. This immediately communicates who and what you are, and where you’re located. We can now automatically understand you’re a personal chef base din Seattle, WA.
  • Sub-tagline. This is a supporting tagline that helps communicate your style.
  • Transitional CTA. This is used to keep visitors on your site. It’s an optional CTA that allows them explore your content more to warm up to the idea of booking you.
  • Main CTA. This is the money-making button. This starts the client onboarding process for you and automatically takes this person to the Book Now page.
  • Features and Benefits. These highlight the benefits of working with you and some of the most common pain points your clients experience which makes them consider hiring a personal chef.

New Contact Page

Your call-to-action (CTA) button needed to take potential clients to a booking page. The new ‘Book Now’ page is how you’ll start the process of bringing in new clients. You always want to make it easy for people. Having them contact you through an email will cause you to lose potential leads. A contact form helps bridge the gap.

Services Page Additions

I just cleaned this up and also added a ‘How It Works’ section. Clients love process. They want to know what you’ll be doing and how you do it. It puts them in the passenger seat to help them better understand how you work and if that works for them.

About Page

This was a mild clean up too. I just reworded some things and made it neat.


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