The Power of Small Scale Sabbaticals (My Results)

I thought I’d share what my most recent sabbatical allowed me to accomplish. I just don’t want to talk about clarity and focus. I want to show you exactly what came out of it.

My Target Audience

Hyperthyroidism may have had me down, but my focus was on the come up. I was able to think about you.

  1. Who am I targeting?
  2. And how is the content I’m producing benefiting them?

It was during all that resting I realized I was doing too much and trying to capture everyone. I was writing for:

  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Designers
  • Brand identity designers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Nonprofits
  • People looking for motivation and inspiration
  • People looking for design tips and tricks
  • Clients looking to be better clients
  • Designers trying to be better designers

This really had me tied up and ultimately confused. So as a result:

  1. My content was all over the place.
  2. I lacked focus.
  3. It was hard to blog week after week due to the frustration and stress of not knowing who to cater to on that given week.
  4. I came to a point I didn’t want to blog anymore, because I didn’t know who I was blogging for.

And after months of thinking about this, I was able to eliminate all of those audiences down to a single, core focus:

New entrepreneurs seeking branding and entrepreneurial insights to make their entrepreneurial journey less frustrating and more navigable.

With that, these last 4 blogs have been a direct output from discovering my core audience. And my frame of mind is much more productive and focused when it comes time to creating topics for 2016’s editorial calendar. But then more stuff started happening after this. By knowing the blog’s target audience, it helped me further shape and determine the target audience for Geeky Dreamer, which lead to some repositioning of the brand.

Repositioning the Brand

My target audience before the sabbatical:

  • First time entrepreneurs
  • Seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Small businesses between 2-10 employees
  • Nonprofits

After the sabbatical:

First time entrepreneurs looking for their brand to become relevant, story-driven, and memorable.

In doing this I got some of the best clarity I didn’t get prior to taking the sabbatical. How could I though? I was always in the trenches and rarely came out for air. And once I did, I was able to see that my content on the site and social media wasn’t targeting this audience. I was still doing the catch-all approach. So in realizing this, it prompted me to redo my website’s copy.

Redoing the Web Copy

Oh good. You’re here. Now it’s time to start working on that dream of yours.

You did your part at the 9-5. Now it’s time to get serious and create something bigger than yourself.

These were the headlines I created for the different pages on my site. With a much better focus of who I’m targeting, I was able to position the site copy to speak to that audience, which further created a consistent brand voice and brand personality. Then that lead to being able to craft narratives and stories that spoke directly to what my target audience is experiencing in their early entrepreneurial lifestyles.

So needless to say, I feel more confident, more prepared and able to take 2016 head on with this new direction. It’s the same brand and business, but with a sharper focus so I can:

  1. Provide the right content to the right people.
  2. Plan and strategize that content.
  3. Improve my social media accounts
  4. Determine where my audience’s needs and pain points, then create additional services around those.

Not having to trouble myself with the day-to-day operations, my mind was freed to explore and think about these things, which in turn lead to another stage of growth and a transition out of the plateau I had hit.

Branding and business isn’t easy to navigate on my own though. There’s so much to it. I need help.

You’re in the right place.

And since it’s the holidays, I’m offering free 45-minute consultations to 10 entrepreneurs.

Consult with me to grow your business.

You’re smart. You’re passionate. You’ve been grinding. So that isn’t the issue. But despite pouring yourself into your business, you know things could (and should) be better.

What you need is someone to discuss ideas with. You need someone who talks the same language, can think big, clear the fog, provide strategic advice, and help you take decisive action.

I understand branding can be hard to navigate and understand on your own. It’s more than a logo and some colors. There are many little cogs moving the giant cog that is your brand, and having someone like me walk you through what those are and how each affects your business will put you in a better position to grow your business.

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