Get Around People Smarter Than You & Collaborate


There are many solopreneurs (people who’ve built and run their business on their own) who have built a successful brand. But for you, my empire builder, if you want to build a brand that dominates, it takes a village. Get others involved.

You need to hire and collaborate with people smarter than you.

I’m going to tell you something you might not necessarily want to hear. You’re limited in what you can do alone.

It’s true.

You’re talented. You’ve got a great set of skills—but you don’t know everything and can’t do everything to get your brand to empire-status. So today, we’ll be going over the importance of collaborating.


Table of Contents

Highlights, Quick Wins, and Takeaways:

  • Stop doing everything on your own. Bring people in smarter than you to create something incredible together.
  • Collaborating is an investment.
  • You have to make upfront investments and bring in people who know what they’re doing. Your brand will greatly benefit because of it.
  • We recognize when something feels cheap and poorly done. Don’t let cheap work soil the perception and value of what you’re building.


Discipline #2: Collaborate


Collaborating has its benefits.

I’ve never been a fan of entrepreneurs creating their own branding and visual identity assets if their skill sets fall outside of design. You don’t always have the fundamental elements and principles in place to know what you’re truly doing to build a visual identity that makes sense and comes across authentic to your brand.

It’s like me wanting to develop an app and I poke around with things I don’t understand.

Maybe I’ll get it working or maybe I’ll cause someone’s phone to explode.

Who knows!

But what I do know is that in order to be successful and get to where I want to get, I need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and can build an app with all the features and benefits we were looking to deliver on launch day.

How much better is that app going to be in the hands of someone smarter than me versus in my own hands? I can design the logo for it, but the rest of the stuff I’m leaving to the app developer.
Get into the business of collaborating.


Collaborating an investment.

But you’re an empire builder and hustler, and you know that in order to make money, you have to spend money. You have to make upfront investments.

You can’t build a dominating brand using Fivver or getting professional work done with a $20 budget.

You have to surround your brand with professionals who know what they’re doing to get you to where you need to go.

Check your vision statement again. In order to get to that destination, is a $5 logo going to cut it? Is a $50 website going to cut it?

I bet you it won’t.

In fact, I can put money on it that trying to get cheap work to build an empire is going to eventually rot out the bottom of the infrastructure you’re trying to build.

There are always going to be two ways to pay: on the front end or the back end. Either way, you’re going to pay. And to prevent paying for it later, make the necessary investments in your vision, your dream, and your brand so you become unstoppable.

Surround your brand with professionals who know what they’re doing to get you to where you need to go.

Please. Stop doing everything.

Hire somebody.

Things get done.

Things move forward.

I no longer take pride in doing things on my own because I’ve seen how much collaborating has moved my comic publishing business, Arclight, forward.

Understand your role, talents and strengths. Collaborate on the things that you haven’t learned, lack the experience required to do it, or is a weak area for you.

Big dreams require expertise and skill sets beyond your reach. Magic happens when you collaborate.

Invest in your brand.

When you collaborate, your brand grows. It gets better in quality. It meets the needs of your audience.

It says something about you.

People can see the investment. They can feel the quality.

You ever go to someone’s website and can tell they’ve done it themselves versus going to a site done by a professional?

Night and day difference right? Things make sense. You don’t even notice how well it’s designed because the site just works.

People are going to see and feel where you’ve made the investment. They’re also going to notice where you went cheap or did it yourself. Do you really want that perception of cheap put on your brand?

I didn’t think so.

So you have to invest. You have to collaborate. Collaborating gets you places. Learn to start doing it in order to grow your brand towards the direction of your vision statement.

You’ll quickly come to find out that collaboration also brings out new ideas. Ideas that can set you apart and make you truly stand out. Ideas that lead to innovations you may have never thought of. Want to innovate? Let me give you a few pointers…

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