Create Innovations That Are Simple & Set You Apart

Let me start you off in the right mindset for this.

You have to execute.
Planning to innovate, talking about innovating, and strategizing your innovations is great. But if you don’t execute on those ideas then all you’ve managed to create is a book of nice thoughts and run the risk of someone else implementing that idea before you.

No one cares about good ideas. People care about execution. There are no kudos or gold stars for your ideas. If you’re going to say it, do it. It makes all the difference having almost 25 podcast episodes under my belt for my comic publishing business versus still being in the planning stages and process to get everything perfected before launching.

You can’t perfect what you haven’t done. Get off that train. You iterate. And you do it in public.

I just needed to set you up in such a way that you actually start executing on your ideas. You can plan, just don’t plan forever.


Table of Contents

Highlights, Quick Wins, and Takeaways:

  • If it scares you, you’re on the right track to innovating.
  • Innovation brings value to your brand. The higher the value, the higher the price for it.
  • You have to think bigger. What is someone not doing in your industry? What can you be doing more of? Go big or go home.
  • Innovating doesn’t mean you need to create the next iPhone.
  • Learn to apply the 10X mindset to everything you do.


Discipline #3: Innovate


Want to know how you’re innovating? It needs to scare you.

It needs to be something no one else is doing because of the risk involved. That was the podcast for us. No one was doing it and we thought it wouldn’t catch on. But now just a few months in, we hit over 500 downloads last month and are on a steady climb for April.

You’ll know if you’re innovating if it scares you. If it doesn’t, think bigger.

My comic publishing business’ podcast was frightening at first.

Would people really listen us? Keep in mind, we hadn’t produced a single comic issue prior to starting our podcast. It felt like we had no business teaching others. It felt like we’d maybe be laughed right off the industry scene at times.

But guess what?

We’ve hit over 2,000 downloads since we started and get weekly questions from other creators asking for help, advice, or just simply thanking us for sharing the information we knew.

But to get this kind of reaction I knew we just had to jump in there, cold feet and all, and just do it. We couldn’t be the second, the third, or fourth. Someone would eventually come along and inherent the risk of doing something wildly different than everyone else.

And that’s the criteria you need to work from when trying to figure out if what you’re doing is innovative.

There needs to be some risk and some level of “Holy crap!” involved along with providing value, quality, and becoming something your audience just cannot live without.

  • If it’s too predictable, there’s no surprise.
  • If there’s no surprise, there’s nothing new.
  • And if there’s nothing new, there’s no value.

When your innovation brings value to your audience, that innovation is valued. And your brand can leverage that value.

The more you’re valued, the higher you can price your products and services. The less you’re valued, the cheaper you have to price your products and services.

Big dreams require expertise and skill sets beyond your reach. Magic happens when you collaborate.

No. You’re not reinventing the wheel here.

Innovation ≠ be Steve Jobs.

Innovation =A new way of doing something.

I’m not asking you to create the next iPhone. I’m asking you to:

  • Fix something that’s broken in your industry. Is something unethical? Is something not being done to its fullest potential? Could you cut costs on something to make this thing more affordable to the consumer? Something is always broken. Go fix it.
  • Go the road less traveled. Venture out into territory that no one is stepping foot in. Find new ways to market, to raise capital, to add value to your audience before they even have to purchase something from you.
  • Take a big risk. Sean McCabe of seanwes decided to teach what he knew. He was a very gifted hand lettering artist who—in an industry that sold lettering courses for $19, $20, $25—built a lettering course with the value proposition of: Make a living as a hand lettering artist, sold the master course at $299, and made 6-figures. Now other hand lettering artists getting into teaching are charging $299 for their courses. He set a new standard. He raised the bar. He took the risk. And now he’s set the tone for everyone else.

While everyone is spamming their audience’s feeds with buy/click my thing posts, my comic publishing business puts out a weekly, value-driven podcast every Thursday with no sponsors and ads.

While everyone is trying to make the sale on their first and second issue, we’re condensing a 22-page issue into a single page, calling them mini issues, and also giving those away for free.

We’re building an audience.

We’re establishing authority.

Things are really picking up for us because we decided to put people over profit first.

We wanted to be of value to our audience. We wanted to let them know that we care about you and want to see you grow and learn like we’re growing and learning. We want them to trust us. We want to build a relationship with them. We’re not after their money. We’re after creating an authentic relationship.

And you can do the exact same thing.



Apply the 10X Mindset.


If you haven’t heard of The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone you’re missing out on some of the best practices and approaches to dominating. Get that book!

In this book you’ll learn about things like:

  • Approach every situation with an in-it-to-win-it mindset: Tackle every project with the 10X Rule.
  • Surround yourself with exceptional thinkers and doers—carefully choose the people closest to you.
  • Murphy’s Law is always rearing its ugly head. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Be prepared.
  • Go after your goals with the speed of a hare and the steadfastness of a turtle.
  • Learn to over commit. Operate at the 10X level to deliver on your commitments.

It’s really good.

But most importantly, it will put you in the mindset to both dominate and innovate. It’ll show you how you need to approach your business when your entire industry is going one way. You have to learn how to go the other.

10X what you’re doing, 10X the standard, 10X the expectation, 10X the bar, 10X the experience and 10X your brand.

Get into that mindset. Your world will change.

And once you get into this mindset and in the business of innovating, you need to make sure your innovation is something your audience wants. There’s a way to find out if what you’ve been working on all this time will be appreciated and desired so you don’t launch to crickets.

Let me show you how to avoid this…

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