Learn to brand and build your empire.

This all got started as a way to build my email list.

I wanted to provide incredible educational value to you in exchange for your email address when I came up with the concept for this course last year. It was an email-only course, but then 2016 came with a big change in direction and focus.

I decided to close down Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design to pursue my first love and passion, Arclight Comics, a superhero comic publishing startup, because I couldn’t juggle the two of these beasts at the same time.

But I didn’t want to leave abruptly.

I had a small following of blog readers and clients who depended on me to continue sharing and teaching what I knew about branding and design. And because I didn’t want to do wrong by them, I wanted to leave behind a gift.

That gift is this course. And not only do they get to benefit from it, but you do too.

Just look at the course list below!


7 Day Branding Bootcamp

Learn how to build a brand that positions you to stand out and dominate in your market.

Understand the fundamental building blocks you need to learn and apply to build a brand that’s memorable, different, speaks to the heart of your target audience and positions you to grow into an empire. You’ll be in the business of dominating. Not competing. This FREE course will change the way you think about branding forever.


Understand Branding In a Simple, Effective Way

Break down and discover what a brand is at its core and get in the mindset of dominating.


Craft Your Brand’s Target Audience and DNA

Tailor your brand to be the perfect match for your target audience.


Master the Art of Focus by Being Unapologetically Different

Learn the power in focus and niching down to set yourself apart.


Get Around People Smarter Than You & Collaborate

Understand the importance of getting a village behind you to build an influential, powerful brand.


Create Innovations That Are Simple & Set You Apart

Make relevant, simple innovations for your audience that make others want to copy you.


Validate Yourself & Avoid Launching to Crickets

There’s a way to find out if what you’re selling is wanted. Don’t launch to crickets—build anticipation!


Grow Your Brand Into an Irresistible Lifestyle Your Audience Can’t Live Without

Get your audience to a point where they cannot live without your brand.


From a 17-page eGuide on how to write dominating vision, mission, and core value statements to a 1-hour training video that will show you how to define and speak to the heart of your target audience, the premium content is going to take your brand to the next level. Special introductory pricing this week only!


If those headlines don’t get you moving I don’t know what else will.

And you get all this material for free. Absolutely no strings attached. No email required. No sign-ups. Nada. And it’ll be up for as long as I can maintain the cost of keeping it up, so you can always come back and reference this material.

The Premium Content

You’ll get an incredible amount of value from the free content, but I have some premium content that’s going to set you apart indefinitely.

I wasn’t playing around here—this course is designed to get you in the mindset of dominating your market and niche. The premium content is going to take your brand to a completely different level!

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Course Materials Needed

I’ve made this super simple.

You ready?

  • Something to write on. A notepad, a notebook, a journal—something that’s physical. Yes. We’ve made a lot of technological advancements, but there’s nothing like taking old fashioned notes. You retain more information this way.
  • Something to write with. A pencil, a pen—something.
  • A willingness to apply what you’ve learned. This is key. You can read through this whole course, say “That was really good,” and never look back. Or you can take it a little bit at a time, take notes, and apply it to where you stand right now with your brand and business.

Some of the sessions are over 1,000 words. Some are over 2,000 words. Some are longer, some are shorter, but I encourage you to take your time. This isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So pace yourself!

You ready to get started?

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