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Goal oriented and driven, Ed Williams is always looking for ways to exceed client expectation through honesty, integrity, and strategic insight. A storyteller, he brings his decade’s worth of design experience to every client that brings him a new challenge. In the entrepreneurial trenches with you, he’s created Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design specifically for other entrepreneurs. He knows how easy it can be to get defeated, lose sight of your vision, and needing help along the way. When Ed isn’t designing, he’s creating comics and podcasting about his love for superheroes.


One Client. One Concept.

Your brand and your success are important to me. And that isn’t something I just say. I purposely take on one client at a time to ensure you get the same time, quality, and commitment I give every client. Projects typically take 5-6 weeks to complete and are largely dependent on how quickly you complete your client homework. I also have a strict One Concept approach to my design process. This means you will not get several concepts to choose from. This isn’t a practice widely adopted by the design industry, but my clients and I can agree that it produces strong results and solves their branding problems exactly as needed.

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My Brand Building Process

This pipeline has gotten the job done time and again.

  1. Client and Brand Discovery. After you submit a form, we will talk for several weeks. This is an introspective look into not only your business, but you yourself as well. I’ll be finding out about your vision, your dreams, your story, and much more.
  2. Investment Price and Contract Proposal. After we’ve thoroughly gone as far as we can go with the Q&A, we’ll go over the investment price proposal and contract. Only after we’ve thoroughly gone through Step 1 will you see pricing. I do not charge by the hour, but I also can’t give you a definite fixed price up front. It’s kind of like going into a bakery and asking how much a wedding cake costs. The baker needs to know how many you’re feeding, how many tiers, and other important information before they can get to price. When we’re clear on the problems that need solved, the deliverables, and your goals, only then will I know the fixed price.
  3. Client Homework. After you’ve signed the contract and reserved your project’s start month, you’ll be responsible with providing me with what I call client homework. These are a series of Google Docs you’ll need to fill out so I can gather all the necessary information and content upfront. If you’ve signed the contract a month before your project, this will only help move things along faster. We will also be developing a mood board via Pinterest to visually capture who you and your brand are through images.
  4. Design. Only after all the steps above have been completed, and you’ve paid the required percentage amount to start, I will start the design process of the deliverables we will have outlined at the start of the project. During this process you will not see any of the concepts being worked on.
  5. Refine. There are usually several strong solutions by this point. During this step, I’m testing and refining to get down to the best possible solution for your brand.
  6. Presentation. This is where the magic happens. Not only will you get to see all of the concepts previously worked on, but you will be given a case study to read through. This case study will include all of my design decisions, the processes on how I arrived to your particular solution, and explain every nook and cranny of your deliverables.
  7. Deliverables. Only after your remaining balance is paid will you receive the project files. I do not do Net30, Net60, or Net90 invoicing. Payment is due upon receipt.

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Every brand has to have a face. Now we have ours and can continue to grow.

Of course we had our name, Natalie’s Cakes and More, but we had nothing that made us recognizable visually. Our logo gave us an identity at a trying time, and the design increased our awareness nationwide. Suddenly our storefront went from a blank canvas to having an identifiable name. It was an attractive design that’s crisp and beautiful—just like the cakes we serve every day. Aside from our cakery, the bakery as a whole has an identity. Our staff wear shirts that identify us and the cakes we ship and sell now have professional labels. We are now able to develop a recognizable brand.

It was a deep, insightful experience.

I used Geeky Dreamer to design the logo for my business. It turned out to be a really insightful experience. Edward really asked deep, probing questions about the image I wanted my business to portray. He was also very helpful with information and advice about how to use social media to get the word out about my business. This turned out to be a lot more than just designing a logo. It was more of a crash course for how to brand your business. Really helpful for a guy that has very little business experience that’s just chasing a dream. I would recommend anyone who needs graphic work or just a consultation on branding to Geeky Dreamer.

He can really help set your company apart from the rest.

Ed’s attention to details is profound. His professionalism made this experience a fun one. I’m actually a little sad that it’s ending. Communication was superb, and updates on the home base was helpful. Within a month or two, my company now has an identity that will be timeless and stretch us far beyond where we are now. Also, the website and our business collateral has been updated to support our new brand and identity. I, without hesitation, recommend Ed for any company’s branding needs. He know’s his craft and can really help set any company apart from the rest.

Whether you want it or not, if you have a business, you have a brand. Branding is more than a logo, colors and fonts. It’s what you represent; what you stand for and believe in. I’m going to take you on a brand building journey. There’s no fluff. No sugar coating. Just value. And it’s FREE. This course is going to give you that work, and by the end of it, you’ll own a brand that represents something and learn how to communicate that with your audience. Do you have what it takes? Enter your email below:.

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