The client had hired a designer from Fivver. It was enough to get started, but couldn’t finish the race. Researching through the client’s Instagram account, YouTube videos and clientele, I designed a logo that would give the client more flexibility, durability and practicality that fit the dynamic and tone of the fitness brand.

Old Logo

New Logo

Horizontal Lock Up (Color & Grayscale)

Vertical Lock Up (Color & Grayscale)

The client served both male and female clientele. I didn’t want to create an ultra masculine logo that would potentially run some of his female clientele off. Therefore, I combined the lighter, more softer font with the rougher, more grittier font to appease both audiences looking for a great workout.

In other words: the logo is unisex.

New Tagline

The client wrote this while filling out his homework prior to the project. He did a lot of talking about the mind aspect of his business. I wanted to pull that out from underneath everything else and put it front and center so his audience immediately understood how the brand differed from other fitness brands in the area.

The Identity In Use


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