Build the Brand: Wrap Up

My feet hit the floor every morning with purpose as I think to myself, “This business will run itself without me one day.” I make it a point to personalize every client interaction, new and old, and truly make the experience about them to make my belief in customer service a cultural icon.

I can operate autonomously on auto-pilot most days, and how I handle the day-to-day operations or client interactions are second nature now.

These things come naturally because I’ve taken the time to create my Why statement, a Vision statement, Mission statement, and Core Values. Without them I’d be inconsistent, lack focus, and stretch my resources beyond their limits. And I know I would, because I’ve been in that position before. Taking care of the finer details sets you up to have a consistent, thorough, well-developed brand. If you don’t know why you started your business, where you’re going, how you’re going get there, and have no actionable plans set up, then what’s the point in having one. Remember: success is very deliberate and intentional. We won’t get anywhere winging it. I know what I have to do everyday. The goals and objectives have been outlined for me by doing my due diligence on the backend of my business. Once you take care of the backend, the frontend will benefit from it.

Before I get into Tailor the Identity, I want you to be able to outline what your Why statement, Vision statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values are to position your brand to be able to go through a design process. Tailor the Identity won’t work as planned if you still don’t know the backend of your business. From today until Friday, I’ll be happy to consult and give feedback to those who email me their Why, Vision, Mission, and Core Values statements for free. You’ll get honest feedback and constructive critique.

Just email me at and in the Subject line put: Build the Brand – Statements Review. I’ll make sure to get you ready for the second part of this series as we’ll start to explore logo design and how you can go about making the right decision if you’re designing your own logo or going to a professional.