The client had hired a designer from Fivver. It was enough to get started, but couldn’t finish the race. Researching through the client’s Instagram account, YouTube videos and clientele, I designed a logo that would give the client more flexibility, durability and practicality that fit the dynamic and tone of the fitness brand.

The Challenge

Getting the client to part ways with what wasn’t working and getting him to trust that we cared about his brand and its success just as much as he did.

The Outcome

We ended up developing a logo and soft identity that dominates all of BeFitnomenal’s social feeds, videos, Instagram Stories and more.

Logo Design

The client served both male and female clientele. We didn’t want to create an ultra masculine logo that would potentially run some of his female clientele off and vise versa. Therefore, we combined the lighter, more softer font with the rougher, more grittier font to appease both audiences looking for a great workout.

Drag the slider below to see the before-and-after states.

Creating a Soft Identity

A “soft identity” is one that hasn’t been fully realized, but gives the client enough tools to accommodate where they are in their business now. We decided to take a few elements from the logo and expand on them, also creating additional lockups and extending the treatment into the tagline.

Scope of Work


Baseline Evaluation


Logo Design
Brand Identity and Assets


Other Case Studies

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