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From Eminent Events by Chase to design2 by Chase Dowell | Interior Design and Event Planning, entrepreneur and Houston’s own interior designer, Chase Dowell, got to a point where he wanted to take one last step towards his brand and identity. He was looking to break into that next level—leaving his 9-5 behind and pursue his passion full-time rather a hobby. After being through this process several times before, he was firm on this rebranding project being his last.

The Challenge

We had to keep our promise that this would be a timeless brand, lasting the lifetime of its existence without ever needing to go through another process like this. This was also our first time designing a high-end luxury brand.

The Outcome

We developed a logo and identity system that captured the very essence Chase was after, designing around the brand attributes of being bold, high-fashion, practical, innovative, social, friendly, industry-leading, lifestyle, clean, and expressive.

Discovery & Strategy

To help inform design decisions for the brand, we had to research what ingredients made a luxury brand. What we discovered was heritage, history, traditions, rituals, and exclusivity defined luxury brands. But no other element was as strong as the brand story. It’s not only the social values of the brand people want to be associated with, but the history and story as well. It is the inclusive nature of belonging to a lineage of class that entices those who seek luxury brands.

Discovering this, it set the direction for our first order of business: the creation of brand story and building assets that would not only be a part of the story, but grow with the history and longevity of this business.

This phase also lead us to developing a vision board with the client, a required step we take to make sure visions and direction are aligned and there aren’t any surprises when it’s time to present our solutions.

[The] attention to detail is profound. [The] professionalism made this experience a fun one. I’m actually a little sad that it’s ending. Communication was superb and updates were helpful.


Logo Design

We explored various concepts during this stage. This is truly a brain dump of ideas and thoughts on paper before we move several concepts to digital platforms.

A Robust, Luxurious Identity System

After several rounds of concepts and exploration we landed on a very simple and flexible solution. We created an identity system based on one of the most basic geometric shapes: the Square. Reviewing several floor plans we had noticed that this was the most consistent thing about interior design. It’s filling space with intent and purpose—exactly what the business does.

The Square

One of the purest creations conceived by the human hand. Its stability is trustworthy and practical. One can find order and solidarity in it. It is a symbol for boundaries and how far one can set them—a space with infinite possibilities. Chase Dowell has decided to fill that space with timeless intent, allowing the four corners to aesthetically expand into navigable, safe experiences that allow the five senses to experience the aura of being.

The Brandmark

Crafted 100% by squares, it was created to provide the brand with a very recognizable and distinctive mark that would become an iconic mainstay to the brand overtime. In observing the landscape of luxury brands, these marks are used in social coding. It communicates to others a direct distinction in financial wealth, the community you belong to, and as a member of the elite, rich history that comes with luxury brands.

We designed something that was timeless, simple, and memorable.

The Wordmark

A simple pairing of a crisp serif font and contemporary sans serif font was all that was needed to bring it home.

Within a month or two, my company now has an identity that will be timeless and stretch us far beyond where we are now. I, without hesitation, recommend [Geeky Dreamer] for any company’s branding needs. [They] know [their] craft and can really help set any company apart from the rest.


Scope of Work


Baseline Evaluation
Opportunity Analysis and Strategic Planning


Logo Design
Brand Identity and Assets
Branding & Marketing Collateral
Brand Guidelines
Web Design


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