Wiener & Stick:
House of Gourmet Corn Dogs


American food is eccentric. But we’d prefer to just call it gourmet. From hot dogs, to hamburgers, to even dipping Oreos and pickles in batter and dunking them into hot oil, we have a way of transforming something ordinary into extraordinary. And corn dogs shouldn’t be excluded from that list. To prepare for the investor pitch, I aimed to take the client’s vision and make it tangible for the investor—creating a logo and several mocks to illustrate the look and feel of the brand.


Logo Design
Brand Narrative & Story
Visual Identity


I worked closely with founder, Chase Dowell, and used our conversations and his vision to bring to life a logo and brand narrative intended to capture the essence of a contemporary, family-friendly, fast-casual restaurant. The brand is a fusion of rustic, contemporary, vintage and modern—a play on bridging the gap between the past, present and future.


I aimed to not be so on the nose with the logo’s design, subtlety arranging the elements to form a house with a minimalist nod to a corn dog icon.


– The Client

“This is it. This is amazing. This is my vision coming to life. Wow!”

– The Client