What’s holding you back?

Your trust matters to us. Here are a few questions clients ask regularly to help alleviate any concerns.

We truly want you to feel at ease with us, so we took the time to pre-answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received throughout the years.

We simply don’t know. This isn’t some tactic we use to jack prices up or surprise you at the end of several conversations. Every project is different. The scope of your project will never be the same as our last client. This is why we take every client through our Project Discovery so we can uncover the right solutions for your specific problems and understand the scope of the work which will determine the final investment cost.

But if our Project Discovery is $2500, this should give you a baseline understanding of how we price our brand and strategy services.

We will tell you immediately if we don’t. There are no surprises here, but keep in mind we didn’t have experience in the restaurant, interior design, or fitness industries before we did those projects.

We do our research. This is why Project Discovery is of the utmost importance. It ensures that we get a properly vetted understanding of your industry, business, your competitors, the market, and your target audience.

We won’t leave a fact unchecked.

This is a system.

We have a process that’s worked for over 4 years now:

  1. We start Project Discovery. This is a trial run for both of us. It’s to test the relationship and understand how each handles responsibilities on both ends.
  2. Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, we require 50% of your initial payment (and the $2500 invested into your Project Discovery is credited to this percentage).
  3. We begin the Design work.
  4. We finish the design work and will hold a Presentation. Once all approvals are in, the remainder of your balance is due.
  5. Once the balance has been paid, you will receive all project deliverables.

Every single one of our clients have received their deliverables on time without hiccup. We take great pride in our promise to deliver. Taking a chance on us has proved itself worth the risk.

This will be determined by the scope of your project (concluded after Project Discovery) and any pressing deadlines you may have.

However, we will typically be able to complete a project within 6-8 weeks.

Audience & Brand Questionnaire

Spare no details—we love those! Your best answer isn’t required. Just your most honest responses.

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