The following are all suggestions and feedback as requested including social media connection.

Here’s What I Suggest Fixing

One of the first suggestions I have is to break this up into a series of posts. Each one of them is marketing a product. To strengthen the individual call to action, I’d turn this into a weekly or daily series titled: Gifts and Home Decor From Nature

You have three articles here:

  1. Shadowboxes
  2. Prints
  3. Rustic/DIY

I’d suggest taking the time to elevate each post. In my second interview, we talked about how Picture Frames is about creating heirlooms, memories and experiences. There’s a story behind these things. Given your audience I think this is an opportunity to make the blog about them and turn it into a story.

Instead of positioning everything as a conversation between this one person and the entire company, I’d first get rid of any use of we, use, and our and keep it to you and I.

Then I would start off with a story:



It’s incredible, isn’t it?

From the shells you find on your beach vacation, to the stones on hiking trails, to the surprises and gems you can come across just stepping out of your back door and into your yard. I can’t get enough of it, and if you’re like me, then you and I both share a love for these gifts nature gives us.

But what’s even more special is being able to bring a fraction of nature’s beauty inside your home. They become keepsakes, don’t they? Something to start a conversation around or tell a story. Or to serve as a reminder of how beautiful the earth is and how we can better appreciate and respect it.

But I often found myself throwing some of what I have invited into my home into the trash. After so long, they almost feel like they’re no longer part of the home and get in the way.

Acorns and marbled stone would have looked great in my bathroom, but I didn’t just want to leave them in a glass bowl that had to be cleaned and dusted constantly. And the exposure to the air really erased the luster and shine they originally had.

I thought to myself, “Is there not a way to preserve this beauty and make it part of my home decor?” And that’s when I came across the fabulous art of shadow boxing.


We want to connect the reader at that raw, human level that elicits an emotional response through storytelling.

Every Headline & Bolded Text Must Tell a Story

Time is precious. And attention spans are short these days. People want to know quickly if a blog will be worth the few minutes it’ll take reading it. And some don’t even give it that. They want the immediate gist of the article and desire nothing more than to keep it moving.

This is why designing for skimmability is important.

This is what gives blogs texture.

Headlines tell the story of the blog and bolded text gives us the bullet points and takeaways. I would work on strengthening the headlines and bold the most important takeaways in the post rather bolding for emphasis.

Headlines tell the story of the blog and bolded text gives us the bullet points and takeaways.

You’re Writing For the Internet, Not a College Paper

Another suggestion is break the rules of the English language.

  • Start a sentence with a conjunction.
  • Start a sentence with because.
  • Break the paragraph before you complete your thought.

Why? Because that’s how we talk in real life. We don’t talk like we’re dictating a dissertation. The language is broken and conversational. And these blogs will benefit from undergoing the same direction.

Create Stronger Call-To-Actions

If you want people to go in a certain direction, tell them to go in that direction.

Continuing on with the shadow box post, there’s opportunity to do the following:

  • Are you a collector of nature and want to get a jump start on Christmas? Order one of our frames now!
  • The leaves are changing soon. Keep them vibrant and full of color before they dry out with our shadow box frames. Order now!
  • Collect sea shells? Postcards? Whatever it is, make sure they’re safe and preserved by placing them in one of our shadow box frames. Order yours today!

The Visuals Should Take Us Through the Process & Show the End Result

Like the sample images below, I suggest shooting our own photography. And you’ll see why with some of the social media tie-ins soon. Not only will you have a blog post geared towards making sales, but a resource customers will/can share with other potential customers that will increase traffic and increase conversion rates.

Step One: Collect.

Step Two: Arrange and Glue.

Step Three: Order your frame.

Step Four: Hang It or Gift It.


With this, you become part of the process/step/solution and not just the thing that looks nice. And you’re able to put a strong call-to-action at the end of it.


Social Media Connection

These are all based on the shadow boxing post example. I always shape the content based on the context of the platform, yet maintain a throughline so everything is cohesive.


Nature is breathtaking. I am in awe by its force. So beautiful and dynamic yet powerful and uncontrollable. But with all that uncontrolled power it manages to produce beauty. The hardening of the elements create marbled stone and the sea releases some of the most beautiful shells on white sand beaches. And even if you can’t get to the beach, outside your backdoor shows you the power of the master painter’s brush every Fall with the changing of the leaves. Honestly, it’s gorgeous. And I’ve found a way to take a fraction of that power and beauty and bring it into my home. Let me show you!


Some of the most beautiful gifts in life come from nature. See how you can decorate your home with those same gifts.


30 minutes for lunch just isn’t enough time to get away from the work day to get outside and grab a breath of fresh air. And in those moments is when we realize the serenity of nature gives us the calm and peace you and I need to get through the rest of the day. But you don’t have to wait for those 30 minutes to come around. You can bring the gift and freshness of nature into your officespace. Learn how.


Skip the Starbucks or the Subway line—we have a scavenger hunt for you today! Find five of the most beautiful leaves, acorns, rocks or anything else from nature. Gather them up. THEN get your lunch. And when you get back, click the link in our bio. We’ll tell you what to do with your findings from there.


Board: DIY Framing Crafts and Gifts


From here, I would do the same with the other posts I suggested splitting up into smaller, more focused posts. So now instead of one post, you have 3 pieces of content. That’s more exposure to the brand and more points of entry for people to come into the brand.