Guilford County Reentry Council


When we first talked about the project, you had some directives and objectives you wanted the logo to accomplish:

  • Family oriented
  • Specifies family and togetherness
  • Connection
  • Encompasses Angel Tree

I’ve taken all of these into consideration when designing and came up with the solution below.

Logo Identity

The logo below shows many moving parts/elements coming together to form a complete whole—a circle, Traditionally used to represent unity, harmony and togetherness. Though separated and fragmented, the elements are still connected and are coming together, much like the families and inmates at the start of the reentry process.

Note: The thinner font will be made thicker when scaled to smaller sizes so it’s legible.

Color Palette

The color palette involves a mix of greens and blues due to the psychology of the colors. Green for representing renewal and restoration, family-oriented and compassionate. Blue for trust and integrity, peace and calm, and reliability and Responsibility. All important traits a council like this must present to inmates, families, partners and clients.

Logo In Use

Below are samples of how everything might be used.


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