How do you take a jail ministry and give it personality?

A non-profit, the High Point Jail Ministry has been serving the Guilford County area since 1990. There mission is simple: to save lost souls in our jail and prison system. Their newly installed chaplain, Edward Williams, came on board in 2014 and brought his experience and ambition from another jail ministry non-profit he founded, TRAILS Ministries. With this, a new direction was given to the organization. With their focus on Reentry and wanting to scale the ministry’s programming and overall growth, a professional brand and a visually pleasing identity was desired from the new chaplain.

When they came to me, HPJM, like most non-profits, needed a brand through-line: a conceptual and visual thread that would string all of their marketing, communications and events. The organization also needed a through-line with its brand story, voice, and personality.

Solution: A story-driven brand narrative that connected all visual elements of the identity into a single through-line and focus. The visual identity is built on top of that story. The brand has a rhythm of being Passive and Dynamic, the running themes in this identity.

Refreshed Logo


Old Logo

As you know, your first logo wasn’t the most appealing or easiest to read without requiring someone to study it for a few minutes. Your old logo put the cross at the center of the letters that spelled out HPJM. While a great idea, the execution of it didn’t help communicate the name of your organization and what the organization did.

New Logo

The new logo makes sure your organization’s name and what it does is communicated. As you can see, High Point Jail Ministry is now spelled out in your logo. We call this a wordmark. Though the execution on the old logo wasn’t done well, I did like the concept. You’ll see below how I carried over one of the elements by connecting the cross to the H. The cross is in front of the H now and is connected to it, painting the visual metaphor that faith and God come before everything, and how faith and God are connected and joint with the ministry’s work.

The Cornerstone Icon

Faith and God have been and will continue to be the cornerstone to this ministry’s success. Having the wordmark sit inside the cornerstone was another visual metaphor that the ministry’s foundation is built on this cornerstone of faith.


The Dynamic Caregiver

Brand Personality + Brand Voice

Though this wasn’t included in the scope of our original project, I did not feel comfortable moving forward with what I originally had. In order to successfully build an identity, I needed to assign your brand a personality and voice that would compliment it.

Brand Personality

Your new brand personality fits the archetype of a Caregiver. Your mission, vision, goals, and ambitions are all supported by the idea of helping and caring for others. Your organization’s through-line is about servant leadership and focusing your attention on other people.

Brand Voice

Through this personality, your marketing and communications required a branded voice. Because you fit the Caregiver archetype, your voice will always be considerate, thoughtful, and kind. Your voice is compassionate and caring.

With these two elements working together, it created a very passive through-line for your organization. Because the organization is very actionable and growing, I wanted to add dynamic notes between the passive ones in order to create a balanced rhythm for your brand. This passive and dynamic rhythm is visually expressed through your new color palette, triangles, and the angling and cropping of your alternative logo.

New Color Palette

Your old palette had that really heavy bold gold and black. Because of your brand’s personality it was necessary to scale those back and use a similar palette but more subtle. To make it not so subtle, the more aggressive gold and black colors are used to accent the palette.

Website Refresh

Your site didn’t require a lot of pages. The information would have been too spread out. Instead, a lot of the information about the ministry can now be found on the front page. This will also help your audience who use mobile more than their laptop or PC. Having access to all of the ministry’s necessary information and not having to click through several pages to get it will make the experience more fluent.

You can visit your website here.

Brand Story Refresh

As you will see on the site, you have a new brand story. Often times non-profits don’t bother to create a narrative of their organization’s history that is compelling and something for people to get behind. I wanted to flip what you had sent me and turn it into a story full of legacy, honor, and being on a journey/quest to make a difference in the lives of prisoners.


Ready for your brand’s transformation?