Pennsylvanian-born (now in Greensboro, NC), Ed Williams is a passionate player in the arena of branding and design. Self-taught with a certification in Graphic Design, the experience Ed has accumulated comes directly from working with nonprofits such as TRAILS Ministries and ROOTS Inc, to jump-starting a freelance business and working with amazing entrepreneurs from Reeform Fitness to Natalie’s Cakes & More.

Ed’s portfolio showcases a range of exceptionally well-crafted visual identities he’s designed for both nonprofit and entrepreneurial brands.

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Work Experience

A rundown of the knowledge accumulated from on-the-job training and field experiences.
(Note: Gaps in work history due to only sharing relevant work history.)

Chief Design Officer

Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design— Remote

As Chief Design Officer and Founder of freelance design studio, Geeky Dreamer Branding & Design, Ed was responsible for shaping creative strategy and overseeing visual direction for all client brands and visual identities. Ed addressed branding, visual identity and marketing challenges by bringing his clients ideas to life creatively. Many of which led to clients increased growth in brand presence, brand awareness, and brand perception within their markets.

Greensboro, NC


Senior Brand and Design Director

TRAILS Ministries, Inc.— Remote & On-Site

Ed took a lifeless nonprofit brand and put it on the map of the entire county, initiating an organization-wide branding effort. Ed created design concepts, implemented marketing strategies, designed the organization’s visual identity system, improved the organization’s technological infrastructure, and held organization-wide brand trainings to align all staff with the newly created brand. Ed also supervised and directed a team of designers (leveraging talent from print and web designers) while playing an important role in TRAILS’ business and organization goals.

Beaver Falls, PA


Graphic Design Instructor

ROOTS, Inc.—On-Site

Brought on by the head of the school herself, Ed was asked to teach afternoon elective classes for the alternative school, ROOTS. Ed developed a practical curriculum, course work, and tests to teach students the elements and principles of design, designing creative displays to captivate students and get them to learn. The end of the year project resulted in a collaboration with students developing the yearbook and products for the entrepreneurial program store.

Aliquippa, PA



There are new-age methods and practices Ed knows of. Methods and practices that allowed him to go from charging $250 for visual identity projects to $4500 in less than a month. Want to build an audience-driven, sustainable and profitable business? He has the resources you’ll want to work towards that goal together.

20/20 VISION

Ed is a visionary at heart. He knows how to take the vision of a company, break it down into it’s simplest form, and create actionable steps to work towards it daily. He’ll give you directives and methods to achieving what your business has set out to accomplish.


Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything. That’s a motto Ed started to live by in 2014. It wasn’t until he started executing on his ideas that he saw any substantial growth within himself and his business. Ever since then, he’s been on a mission to always execute, taking your ideas and concepts and funneling them through to completion.


In a world that plays it safe, Ed likes thinking bigger. He’s been in the business of dominating rather competing and thinking differently than others (see: this digital resume). Ed is more than capable of taking your concepts and ideas and expand them on a 10X level. Not only is he capable of this, but he also gives you the direction you need in order to get there.

Demonstration of Knowledge

The 7-Day Branding Bootcamp

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Of course we had our name, Natalie’s Cakes and More, but we had nothing that made us recognizable visually. Our logo gave us an identity at a trying time, and the design increased our awareness nationwide. Suddenly our storefront went from a blank canvas to having an identifiable name. It was an attractive design that’s crisp and beautiful—just like the cakes we serve every day. Aside from our cakery, the bakery as a whole has an identity. Our staff wear shirts that identify us and the cakes we ship and sell now have professional labels. We are now able to develop a recognizable brand.

Natalie DuBose
Founder, Natalie’s Cakes & More

Ed’s attention to details is profound. His professionalism made this experience a fun one. I’m actually a little sad that it’s ending. Communication was superb, and updates on the home base was helpful. Within a month or two, my company now has an identity that will be timeless and stretch us far beyond where we are now. Also, the website and our business collateral has been updated to support our new brand and identity. I, without hesitation, recommend Ed for any company’s branding needs. He know’s his craft and can really help set any company apart from the rest.

Chase Dowell
Founder & Chief Designer, Chase Dowell Interior Design

Available immediately for hire. | Remote work a plus. | Freelance positions preferred.